Lebron Fires Shots at Media After Winning 4th Title

Lebron James smoking cigar after winning his 4th NBA title.

Lebron James smoking cigar after winning his 4th NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers.

After winning his 4th NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers, Lebron would turn to his critics to find out what they would say now. After silencing his critics once again in this years playoffs, Lebron wasted no time sharing his thoughts with his critics on social media.

“Up in smoke tour. What they gone say now?!?! I know they’ll make up another criteria that nobody else has ever had in the history of the game. But guess what though, bring it on please!! Heavy is the head that holds the crown they say. Let’s get it!”

As often the media started comparing Lebron to Michael Jordan shortly after the game was done . Many still consider Jordan as the G.O.A.T after wining 6 championships.

Immediately following the win on Sunday, here is what Lebron had to say in a post game interview with Rachel Nichols. “You guys know how much I love Michael Jordan , I wear No. 23 because of Michael Jordan.”

He then added, “When I first got my first pair of Jordans, I was – you couldn’t tell me nothing. So, y’all can do the debates. Y’all can figure that out.”

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