Luka doncic heated exchange with marcus morris

luka doncicand marcus morris yelling

Luka gets CLIPPED in game 5

Breaking it down. Rumours are spreading quick about Marcus Morris from the L.A Clippers in Tuesday’s matchup of the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers. Things got scary quick, where in the late second quarter, the two players got into a heated exchange because of Luka getting stepped on and “clipped”, Luka had to take on a whole team plotting against him and being unforgiving at all cost.

From what it seems around the league people are questioning Morris’s play where it seemed that the Clipper on the floor tried intentionally stepping on the all-stars injured ankle on a dead play, the first sign is that Morris takes an unusual first step towards the ankle of Luka and then to tries to cover it up by picking up his shoe and handing it to him, these are all sketchy and expose that Morris was trying to injure the Don.

Luka seems to think that this was intentional and asks the fans what they think, a couple of people defended Luka and thought the same thing.

We’ll have to see how things play out and with the NBA playoffs resuming Friday the 28th, things should be very interesting especially with the BLM movement going on recently, with the shooting and killing of Jacob Blake.

This series in my eyes is the best of the playoffs and hopefully doesn’t end soon, the series is currently 3-2 for the Clippers. Latest news here on FanBreakdown

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